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For AW21 Far Afield take you on a trip into the Scottish Highlands and beyond. Their new collection, "Passing Places' is a contemporary menswear collection where the inspiration comes from a recent autumnal Scottish road trip.

Using an outdoors, understated colour palette, the feeling throughout the collection is one of nature and rural calm all the while hinting at a subtle psychedelic and ethereal haze.

Print inspiration comes from wildlife, vegetation, landscapes, lochs, winding roads and a night under the stars. Mushroom foraging in particular is heavily referenced and brings a unique and psilocybin inspired perspective to a landscape where all is perhaps not what it appears.

The collection features lined, padded jackets, fisherman's smocks, and cropped shearling collared jackets. Plaids, corduroy and pique-twill again play a key role on all layering pieces and shirting. Knitwear comes in a variety of styles using an abundance of soft, comfortable yarns like alpaca, mohair and virgin wool. The 'Made in Scotland' walking socks round off the collection nicely; knitted to a chunky gauge from high quality merino yarns.

As always, Far Afield ensure an ethical supply chain from start to finish.

The collection boasts Organic or BCI certified fabrics, as well as nonmulesed

yarns and a selection of recycled wools. A zero-plastic policy is adhered to throughout all garment production, trims and packaging.

Nuoo Barcelona




Each collection Reptile's House develops through a journey of continuous creative stimuli and inspirations coming from the world of nature, from art and the metropolitan environment that blend in the three-dimensional structure of fine leather, raw material of which each bag is made.

Their particular structure, distinctive shapes and handles make them iconic models, which resist the rapid succession of fashions. But the bags Reptile's House they are not just designed to be admired, they are also extremely functional accessories. Each model presents useful inside pockets and it can be accompanied by a comfortable shoulder strap that makes the bag even more versatile and practical. The fantasy of colors, sizes and styles is deliberately wide to allow every woman to find the model that best suits her tastes and needs.

All products take shape below the hands of skilled artisans, combining experience and innovation, they enhance its structure and aesthetics, making each product unique, different from the other.

The final result is a range of practical bags with timeless aesthetic qualities, able to adapt to the different needs of an increasingly varied and cosmopolitan clientele, but united by the desire to stand out by choosing a refined and guaranteed quality item Made in Italy. 

JOGHOST  Montegranaro


Jo Ghost collections for men and women are totally Made in Italy and stand out for the high quality of the materials chosen and the scrupulous care during the various stages of the production chain. 

Vegetable tanning, hand-colored buffing and some shoe washing techniques are just some of the methods used during the production of Jo Ghost shoes and boots collections, which enrich each product and make it a unique piece, almost like collection.


"We're fearless big kids, with big hearts, on our way to save the world, and having fun along the way!

OA non-fashion is a brand created by entrepreneurs, Francesco Viozzi, in the footwear sector for over twenty years, and Sophia Liu, for over ten years in the footwear sector. that conbined with the professionalism, ethics of Flor Depla is a winner

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BTOPIA by Flor Depla